We offer a range of ways to buy our flowers, as we grow all our own flowers we can meet the needs of any budget. We'll happily make bouquets and arrangements to your requirements, just contact us with what you need and we'll help you out.
We sell our flowers by the bucket too, perfect for those who are experienced in flower arranging, or keen to try a new skill. Our buckets contain a minimum of 60 stems of mixed flowers and foliage, and cost £36. We pick the best of the day, so we are unfortunately unable to guarantee colour schemes or specific flowers.
Our flowers are grown without pesticides, and we rely on nature to help with pest control. Although we carefully check our flowers to ensure high quality flowers with the longest vase life, the odd hitch hiker may remain!
Once home, good flower care is essential to get the most out of your flowers. Your flowers will come with a care guide offering the following advice;

  • Make sure your vases are squeaky clean and change the water every couple of days to keep it fresh
  •  Trimming their stems occasionally will help prolong the flowers’ life

  • Keep your flowers away from ripening fruit, and out of sunlight if  possible

  • Some flowers can be harmful if eaten, or cause skin irritation, so always wash your hands after handling and keep out of the reach of children and pets

  • We are very aware of safety regarding the spread of Covid-19, our flowers are harvested and prepared following strict hand and tool hygiene, and we recommend you follow similar safety measures after handling your flowers.